What to Expect

Before the Appointment

You can reach us by phone, text, or email to schedule an appointment or inquire about any questions or concerns.  You can expect responses within 24 hours. We will provide available scheduling options, invoices, and forms for our services.  

- Euthanasia Consent 
- Cremation Authorization 

Prepayment is required and can be completed online before your scheduled appointment. This ensures that we can focus on your pet and family as soon as we arrive. 

One day before your appointment, if it was scheduled in advance, we will confirm the appointment time and location via text or email. 

If your pet experiences anxiety upon the arrival of visitors, kindly inform us beforehand, and we can arrange for calming pre-medication to be given before or upon our arrival.  

Our Visit  

During a pet euthanasia appointment with Dr. Laura, she will take the time to familiarize herself with your pet and inquire about any specific questions or additional comforts you may desire. The appointment will then progress, with care and compassion, through sedation, euthanasia, and aftercare.

The entire process is expected to take less than one hour. Dr. Laura’s approach emphasizes empathy and understanding during this difficult time. 

During a pet euthanasia appointment, sedation is administered via an injection under the skin or in the muscle. This process typically takes 5-15 minutes for the sedation to take effect. While waiting, you have the opportunity to give treats, offer extra love, and say your final goodbyes to your beloved pet. The medication provides deep pain relief and sedation, ensuring that your pet is asleep and comfortable.

Once sedation or anesthesia is achieved the euthanasia medication will be given via a vein or internal organ depending on the patient. You can take comfort in knowing that because of the deep sedation, your pet is unaware and completely pain-free during this process. The euthanasia medication can take 5-15 minutes to be effective depending on the route of administration.  The medication is essentially an anesthetic overdose, causing the brain to become anesthetized which results in bringing the heart and lungs to a stop. 

Dr. Laura will confirm that your pet has passed by listening for a heartbeat. As pets pass their muscles may relax which can allow the passing of stool or urine. There may also be muscle twitching or other movements even when deceased. Once passed, a paw print memorial will be made. If cremation was selected your pet will be placed in a burial bag for transport and they will be carried to the vehicle in a basket or stretcher. Depending on the size of your pet, please know assistance may be required.