Supportive Services

At Comforts of Home we acknowledge the complexities of decision-making when it comes to euthanizing our beloved companion animals. Our commitment is to ensure patient comfort, offer compassionate support, and provide information and assistance in the aftercare process. 


Aftercare for our pets may involve thoughtful discussions about where remains are to be placed and the processes involved.  The act of laying our pets to rest is a deeply personal decision. Choose the option that resonates with your heart and allows you to honor your cherished friend.

Cremation is offered through Summerfield Crematory. In most cases, transport can be arranged through Comforts of Home, although assistance may be required depending on the size of your pet. All cremations are private and ashes are typically available in 72 hours 

If you’re considering burial for your beloved pet, there are a few options to explore:

  1. Professional Pet Memorial Parks:
    • Summerfield Pet Memorial Park is a local option if you seek a special location for your pet’s final resting place. They can provide additional information and guidance. 
  2. Private Burial:
    • If you decide to bury your pet on your own, it’s essential to follow local city ordinances and regulations and ensure that the chosen location complies with any local pet burial requirements.


If your primary veterinary clinic is indicated in our euthanasia consent form, we will inform your primary clinic about your pet’s passing, relieving you from this emotional task. 


 We understand that memories are precious and play a vital role in our healing process. By crafting a pawprint memorial inside a shadow box, we create a heartfelt tribute to our beloved pets, allowing their memory to endure.

Sharing stories is a beautiful way to honor our beloved pets and keep their memory alive. If you’d like, please feel free to share, via email, an image and a heartfelt story about your furry friend. We're honored to share your stories on our memories page.